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Feedback from Social Workers

One family called us expressing the out-pouring of love & appreciation that they felt in receiving the Turkey Basket for the holiday. They were really appreciative! The family had been through so much this past year (2017). The client had had a mastectomy & went through cancer treatments. The mother had a Kidney Transplant & also went through cancer treatment. They are from Columbia & don’t have many family members here in the States. They live on modest means. They wanted their case manager to tell all parties responsible…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

A parent called crying tears of joy and appreciation. She works as a caregiver for senior citizens and one of her clients had recently moved into a skilled nursing facility thereby cutting her hours. She stated that the family could eat for a month on the food that was provided in the basket.

Another parent called who had recently lost her job. She expressed immense gratitude for the gift of the Thanksgiving basket adding that she did not know how she was going to be able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for the family prior to the receipt of the basket.

Yet another mother called and stated that the basket was very nice adding that they would not have had Thanksgiving if they had not received the basket. The family did not get their SNAP benefits for a few months and did not have the means to purchase a Thanksgiving dinner. She stated, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!”