What The Day Looks Like…

We need the support of hundreds of people to create the Thanksgiving baskets and to deliver them to families on the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving.

1) Arrive at our assembly location (to be announced) the Sunday morning before Thanksgiving. You will check-in with registration and then move to your assigned position. Once organized the assembly of baskets begins and moves quickly! We often complete around 1PM.

2) If you have decided to be a driver you will receive your list of families once you arrive at the location of the event and with your friends take as many baskets as you have families. Delivery starts!

3) Upon completion, notice the smile on your face and your heart full of gratitude for contributing to feed those in need and paying the goodness in our lives forward.

Pretty straightforward and fun!

Register below now so you can have a spot, volunteer spots are limited and tend to be filled quickly. Once you register we will be able to email you important updates (like where and when) and it will help us ensure we have enough support for the big day. Thank you!


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